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Vulcan 558

I became interested in Aircraft when I was a schoolboy, and before you think or say it, the Wright Brothers had long been history by then!


My younger brother and I used to build Airfix models, the usual Spitfire, Hurricane, English Electric Lightning et al. The English Electric Lightning was one of the easiest model to build.....not many parts......but one of the best looking Jets ever made. I remember seeing a couple of Lightnings over Teesside Airport in 1975 while travelling on a train from Newcastle to Middlesbrough. What a fantastic site. Oh for a return of the Lightning to a UK Airshow........


I also received a couple of Aircraft books for Christmas, I still have them. They must be over 40 years old.








I love helicopters too. I remember being on Redcar beach (1968) and suddenly a couple of men roped off an area about as big as a football pitch. Minutes later 2 helicopters flew in and landed. They were the type that had glass domes for a window, an engine , a seat and not much else. They were part of the"Blue Angels" RAF helicopter display team. I remember buying a "Blue Angels" program from one of the pilots. I kept it for years.


The "Blue Eagles" helicopter aerobatic display team of the British Army Aviation Corps was first formed in the spring of 1968 by five instructors from the Army Aviation School at the base in Middle Wallop. Employing five Bell-47G3B1 Sioux helicopters drawn from the School, the instructors performed demonstrations in their free time during the summer.



Airshows are the only place to see decent aircraft these days. Many of my photos are from recent airshows at Waddington. Enjoy.


Avro Vulcan Bomber XH 558


Designed in the 1940's the Vulcan played a leading role in the Cold War as a nuclear strike platform. The Vulcan also saw active service in the Falklands war 1982. The Vulcan Fleet was retired on 1984 but XH558 was kept in service for flying displays until 1992. XH 558 is now the only flyng Vulcan in the world and resides at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, South Yorks.


Any donations to the "Vulcan to the Sky Trust " at Robin Hood airport would be appreciated. No cash, no fly!

A selection of photos from Waddington Airshow 2011,12,13 and 2014

Belgian F-16AM
Canberra PR9

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