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My earliest memories of the Red Arrows was from the 199 steps at Whitby. It must have been around 1968 and we had a family trip to the Whitby Regatta. I remember climbing up the steps, counting each one as prescribed by Law and hearing the whoosh of aeroplanes overhead. It was a lovely sunny day (as it always was in those days) and the Red Arrows put on a great show. I'm sure somewhere I have some photo's from the day.


Over the years I have seen many Red Arrows displays and you cannot fail to be thrilled by them. The speed, the skill the colours in the sky are still as exciting today as they were in 1968. Lets hope they can continue to perform for many more years to come.


First performing in 1965 a milestone of 50 years display excellence was reached in 2014. I was fortunate to see the Arrows painted in the 50 year elebration livery at Waddington. The show, as usual, was superb.


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Waddington Airshow 2013, 2014.

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