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Vulcan XH 558

Vulcan XH 558


XH 558 is currenty based at Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster. It flew at Waddington Airshows in 2012,13,14 and it was great to see it fly but even better to hear the noise it made as it powered down the run way. We just don't make machines like this anymore.


Unfortunately RAF Waddington will not host an airshow in 2015 due to runway rebuild and 2015 will be the last season of flight for 558. If you want to see a Vulcan fly for the last time look out for airshows that will be hosting the Vulcan. It may be your last ever chance to see this majestic plane in the air.


The Vulcan was put into service as our nuclear deterent, part of the V-Bomber force. Its first nuclear payload was the nuclear bomb "Blue Danube" ready and willing to destruct during the cold war. The Vulcan also saw service in the Falklands war in 1982, bombing Port Stanley runway.


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