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The pictures on this site were taken over a number of visits to the Sunshine State. Although the trips were not planned for birding there was plenty of opportunity to see many of the birds and other wildlife that Florida has to offer.


Visits to Disneyland (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom ), Gatorland, Kennedy Space Centre, Disney Preserve, Orlando Wetlands gave some great opportunities to see up close a great variety of birds at close quarters. I visited Merritt Island at the worst time of the year for birding but still managed to get to see some new birds.


If you ever think about going to Florida...Disneyland...stop thinking about it and do it. You will love it.!


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Snail Kite
Crested Cara Cara

Snail Kite: Boggy Creek Air Boat Rides

Snail Kite
Air Boat Ride

Crested Cara Cara: Orlando Wetlands approach road

American Kestrel: Disney Preserve


Osprey: Epcot Flower Pots.

Red Shouldered Hawk

Red Shouldered Hawk: Hotel/Disney Preserve

Swallow Tailed Kite

Swallow Tailed Kite

Swallow Tailed Kite
Bald Eagle
Kite Migration

Eagle: Boggy Creek

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle :Boggy Creek

Trkey Vulture


Various Florida Birds

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