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AyresomePark: "Middlesbrough FC 1903-1995"


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The Riverside was built in 1995.


After each match at Ayresome Park I always made a trip to see how work on the new stadium was progressing.


These future season ticket holders often came with me to have a look around......lovely slippers.


It was sad to leave the old Ayresome Park, lots of great memories but looking back it was time to move on to something fit for the town and the future.


The Riverside gave us a new beginning and has given us some very memorable moments.


This is my good friend Ewen....one of the craziest, passionate, lunatic, fanatical, happy Derby County fans you could ever meet.


Sheephead now lives in New Zealand so lifes a little less noisey and exitable now although social media stopped that.


BAckground to this photo.......I took Sheephead to see Boro v Derby at Ayresome. I won't go into too much detail but Boro lost 2-4. Did I suffer on the way home...Sheephead never shut up giving me stick every mile, every minute of the trip home. Living 80 miles awat from the ground should give you a clue on whatthe journey home was like for me.


I took Sheephead to the Riverside so he could see progress. A few years later Derby County left the Baseball Ground and copied the Riverside exactly but changedthe colours to that drab and dismal black and white scheme.


Sheephead and I made a trip to the Riverside to see the Boro play Derby. It was an evening match.

Boro won 6-1.........and sheephead got 80 miles worth of ear ache................super Ravenelli.


Keep up the banter......and have a good season (but not as good as the Boro). Top Ram!

I couldn't resist taking a little bit of the newly laid Riverside foundation stones. Soon it woud be covered up for eternity.


20 years on, I still have it, in a plastic bag, nice and safe.


Sad but true.

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