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FAC 4th Round Man City 0 Boro 2


The Etihad is easy to find and not a hostile ground to visit. It is very modern but incredibly soul less. Outside the ground there are areas for supporters, large screens, tents etc I suppose it trys to be Disney Land but without the weather and colours. I found the Etihad external to be disappointing and clinical. Its just so synthetic and staged.


The stadium internals are impressive and if there had been additional atmosphere from the City fans, would have been more impressive. If it wasn't for the 5.600 Boro fans, lord knows what the ground would have felt like.


The away supports end is in the middle of a major building project with 6000 additional seats to be added to that end of the ground. The concourse is nothing special. I prefer the Riverside.


It was a great day out and the Boro Boys were fantastic. The team did it for the fans and the fans did it for the team. We Did DAT!!!!

Some great moments...DIMI helping Mejas....having been dropped for this big game. Albert and Ken dancing for the fans and Aitor and Leadbitter hugging like a courting couple (and for the young readers courting use to bethe first stage in having a relationship with a lady friend!)

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