Our Jack

My Wild Life

Our Jack The best Labrador in the world

Our Jack

The best dog in the world

Our Jack.....or plain old Jack to be official.


Jack was picked upon 21st June 2013 and I don't know who was more frightened, me or him. I'd never owned a dog before He's of very good stock and he quickly settled in and taught me all I know about how to keep a dog happy and healthy. He's my special boy.


I like to think I am a very responsible dog owner....I clean up any mess made.and keep him on a lead when any signs tell you to. Unfortunately I see far too many irresponsible dog owners who just can't read, can't be bothered that give the responsible owners a bad name.


A special word for Jacks bessie mate...Flyn (pictures below)..hope to see you soon.


Our Jack....and friend.

Day 1
Best Mates Jack and Flyn
Aged 2

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